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Seeing The Future Of Healthcare
Seeing The Future Of Healthcare

Last week, the Drop Bio Health team joined Australia's largest digital health transformation event, the Digital Health Festival. The event connects the entire healthcare ecosystem to discuss how new technologies are revolutionising the industry landscape and improving human experience at scale.

The show took place in Melbourne on the 6th and 7th of June and had over 4,000 attendees, 250 speakers, 100 exhibitors and 100 startups.

Our CEO & Co-Founder Phil Hayes-St Clair was one of the event's speakers to discuss the importance of ageing well and how taking action today is fundamental to enjoy health in the last decade of our lives.

Powering The Future Of At-Home Healthcare

Drop Bio Health engaged with researchers, primary care representatives, clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, government representatives and consumers to discuss its multi-faceted solutions to advance the future of at-home health care with self-service blood sample collection and analysis.

Empowering People To Proactively Manage Their Health

The company's solution to at-home, preventative health, the WellBeing Test, took centre stage in multiple discussions during the event.

The WellBeing Test empowers users to independently monitor health trends by overlaying and contextualising their blood test results with a personalised lifestyle analysis, tracking changes over time. This at-home test delivers transformative knowledge about how lifestyle impacts the body's biochemistry and provides actionable recommendations to nurture future health.

The WellBeing Test enables people to track health changes over time

The WellBeing Test also has multiple applications in the business-to-business space - enabling employers to support their employees to become healthier and health insurers to help their members prevent the onset of disease through lifestyle improvements.

Contract Research Services

During the event, the Drop Bio Health team also discussed its innovative contract research services with industry leaders and researchers. Our high-precision small sample analysis expertise plays a unique role in accelerating, democratising and reducing the cost of scientific studies with self-service, at-home blood collection.

Drop Bio Health ISO 17025 accredited lab and processes help facilitate clinical trials, academic research and product development through remote sample collection, high-precision proteomic analysis and bioinformatics support.

Drop Bio Health Laboratory at the University of New South Wales

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