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Pilot and Drop Bio Health partner to deliver at-home blood testing to support men's health.
Pilot and Drop Bio Health partner to deliver at-home blood testing to support men's health.

Australian men's telehealth leader Pilot has entered into partnership with Drop Bio Health to provide at-home blood testing services to patients. Drop Bio Health is a digital health company powering the future of at-home blood testing and early warning insight in wellness, women’s health and mental health.

Pilot, part of the broader Eucalyptus stable of telehealth companies, has changed over 100,000 lives in Australia across and the move to extend blood testing to patients is a step to deepen relationships and put personalised wellness insights into the hands of patients throughout their journey to better health.

Drop Bio Health provides insights on seven lifestyle categories including sleep, stress, inflammation and nutrition by combining lifestyle habit data with results from finger-prick blood samples collected at home. All blood samples are processed at Drop Bio Health’s accredited laboratories located at the University of New South Wales.

Founders from both companies began partnership talks as the COVID pandemic accelerated adoption of innovative new models of consumer-focused digital healthcare.

“We're particularly impressed by the Drop Bio Health team's vision for the future of at-home pathology and diagnostics. Having the Drop Bio Health kit available to Pilot patients will be the first step along this journey. Beyond that, we're excited to see more Australian startups in healthcare that are patient-focussed,” said Charlie Gearside, Co-Founder at Eucalyptus.

“We are deeply aligned with Tim and Charlie’s mission at Eucalyptus and excited to bring the power of our evidence-driven at-home blood testing platform to their patients and doctors. People understand the convenience of telehealth, how to use at-home tests and want to understand more about their health to age well and enjoy life. It’s a perfect time to bring our capabilities together to help as many people as possible”, said Phil Hayes-St Clair, Co-Founder and CEO at Drop Bio Health.

Media Contacts:

Charlie Gearside | Co-Founder, Eucalypus

E: charlie@eucalyptus.vc

Phil Hayes-St Clair

Co-Founder & CEO, Drop Bio Health

E: p@dropbiohealth.com

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