At-home healthcare is here to stay
As demand for at-home healthcare continues to grow, so too does the need for convenient and reliable testing solutions. However, transitioning to at-home collection poses challenges for traditional pathology.

Meeting patients where they are requires smaller samples sizes, simplified collection methods, and the need to manage variable environmental transit conditions in order for the full potential of at-home testing to be realised.
Transforming access to routine pathology testing
Our patent-pending method enhances the accuracy of pathology tests on at-home collected samples, broadening the scope of tests that can be reliably conducted outside traditional settings.

This innovation unlocks new opportunities and markets for at-home testing companies, extending the benefits of convenient collection methods to more individuals.
Benefits of Remote Control
Convenient patient collection
Scalable small sample collection logistics and lab integration

Improved analytical performance
Expanded test range
Creating more opportunity for at-home testing

Remote Control-enabled pathology creates new opportunities across de-centralised clinical trials, population health screening and chronic condition management, while breaking down barriers for regional, rural and remote individuals to access pathology services.

Expanded self-test catalogues for the direct to consumer market
New screening opportunities delivered from a patients’ home
Advancing capabilities in decentralised clinical trials
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