Measure human health over time with unparalleled accuracy and insight

Much of human health is characterised using diseases viewed through a population health lens.

Using advanced proteomic technologies, at-home sample collection logistics and proprietary bioinformatics tools, Drop Bio Health delivers precise insights about human health.

We have a strong interest in understanding the central role of chronic inflammation in health and disease and continues to focus on developing its portfolio of ‘early warning’ algorithms and insights.
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Benefits of our platform
Scalable end-to-end sample collection logistics

Accredited laboratory
Proprietary bioinformatics capability including personalised early-warning, recommendation and journey tracking engine
Biobank for retrospective cohort analysis
Accurate measurement.
High quality insights.
At-home sample collection
Convenient, simple and safe at-home sample collection kits using express post make for easier logistics and higher adherence.
Optimised lab protocols
High quality, reproducible data using high precision laboratory analysers using ISO accredited methods and laboratory protocols.
Advanced bioinformatics
Core technology includes proprietary algorithms and specialised databases of highly personalised longitudinal lifestyle and blood biomarker data to accurately measure changes in health.
World-class expertise
Developed by leaders in proteomic science, bioinformatics and primary care who focus on accelerating the world’s transition to personalised health.
Diverse blood biomarker measurement and biobank
Wide range of available biomarkers covering human biology and complimentary biobank to support sample storage and retrospective cohort analysis.
High impact applications
Providing support to health insurers, employers, health providers and consumers as well as discovery research services to clinicians and researchers.

In-house, end-to-end solution for personalised health analysis

Find the right testing frequency for your needs

Recommended WellBeing Test Frequency: Every 6 months

Activate members on joining to embrace prevention and identify trends to inform initiatives to lower claims cost over time.

Recommended Test Frequency: Every 12 months

Help your team track and manage their health at home with arm’s length privacy controls, plus company-level insights into the overall wellbeing of your team.

Recommended WellBeing Test Frequency: Custom, as determined by clinician or practitioner

Convenient continuity of care for remote patients. Monitor patient well-being, and utilise in-depth lifestyle assessment to identify and address health trends.

Recommended WellBeing Test Frequency: Custom, as determined by trial

Reach participants in their home and conveniently collect finger prick blood samples and lifestyle data over time.