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Dr Elizabeth Fletcher Joins Drop Bio Health in New Research Role
Dr Elizabeth Fletcher Joins Drop Bio Health in New Research Role

Drop Bio Health is delighted to announce that Dr Elizabeth Fletcher is joining the growing team as Senior Research Scientist.

Dr Fletcher is a molecular biologist and joins us after working with a range of research and development companies. She has undertaken a postdoctoral fellowship with Tufts Medical Centre in Boston, where she examined the role of protein receptors on immune cells in the development and progression of atherosclerosis. She completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2015 where she investigated the role of the mineralocorticoid receptors (MR) in inflammation, fibrosis and elevated systolic blood pressure. 

Dr Fletcher says she is excited to be a part of the passionate team of scientists at Drop Bio Health. “These are people who truly care about improving the health of others,” she said. “As soon as I met the team, I could tell just how passionate they were about their work. No detail is missed in making quality health products that are affordable for everyone.”

“Elizabeth was a standout candidate when we started looking to expand our research capability,” said Phil Hayes-St Clair, Co-Founder and CEO at Drop Bio Health. “Her expertise, curiosity and sense of humour is the ideal mix of qualities that we look for in new team members, and I am really excited that Elizabeth decided to join our mission.” 

New research opportunities at Drop Bio Health

Dr Fletcher is undertaking groundbreaking research at Drop Bio Health focused on how blood biomarkers can further help people and their doctors understand personalised mental health and wellbeing. “There’s a great opportunity to innovate in this space,” she said. “This research will be profoundly important in equipping people with more understanding about their mental health”.

The research program is designed to set out clear steps for people to maintain optimal blood health. “This is what drew me to Drop Bio Health,” said Dr Fletcher. “So many companies in science focus on curative medicine - fixing health problems after they have already taken hold. Drop Bio Health is unique in that they are all about preventative medicine.”

Importance of blood health

Dr Fletcher believes that patients don’t pay enough attention to blood test results. “My past research has shown that we can learn so much from our blood when we study it, and I look forward to using these skills at Drop Bio Health.”

While the importance of blood markers has long been understood in the medical fraternity, it has largely remained a dark art to people outside of medicine. Drop Bio Health’s WellBeing Tests take the mystery out of blood health for people in general. 

“What I think makes Drop Bio Health special, is that if your blood results suggest your health isn’t quite where you want it, Drop Bio Health provides you with all the resources to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle,” she notes. “Then, after a few months you are given the opportunity to see the effect these changes have had on your blood markers. Working in a team that looks at the complete health cycle is really special."

Improving lives for optimal health

Dr Fletcher says that understanding what people can do to maintain optimal health is key to quality of life. And sometimes this may involve activities that take you out of your normal work and life routine. She recommends volunteering as a way to get a new perspective on life.  

“Volunteering has been such a wonderful part of my life," she said. “I’m always doing some form of it and it’s great to interact with people.” 

Dr Fletcher has volunteered as a Team Leader in a Humanitarian Aid project in Vanuatu as well as pop-up hospitals in Australia, helping children understand the medical experiences of family members. 

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