Curious, driven and creating disproportionate impact.

Curious, driven and creating

disproportionate impact.
As scientists, parents of sick children, and people wanting to create more effective healthcare, we are inspired by decades of medical research indicating that chronic inflammation acts as the human early warning system. 

This led to building a fully integrated platform that drives discovery and highly personalised insight, indications and recommendations by combining finger prick blood samples and lifestyle data collected at home. 

We show up each day to move the needle on women’s health, mental health and people’s wellbeing. And today, we are the infrastructure that supports consumer and family wellbeing, health insurers, employers, health insurers and clinical product development partners. 

Trust and partnership is the cornerstone of our growth.

Trust and partnership is the

cornerstone of our growth.
Much of human health is characterised using diseases viewed through a population health lens.

Using advanced proteomic technologies, at-home sample collection logistics and proprietary bioinformatics tools, Drop Bio Health delivers precise insights about human health.

Drop Bio Health has a strong interest in understanding the central role of chronic inflammation in health and disease and continues to focus on developing its portfolio of ‘early warning’ algorithms and insights.
Key Facts
Established in 2018
Headquartered in Sydney, Australia
Biobank, end-to-end product platform for personalised health analysis and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory
B2C and B2B product portfolio
Multidisciplinary team in science, medicine, product software engineering and marketing 

Values and culture matter.

Values and culture matter.

Ours have helped recruit world class talent
People give our science value.
Start with people’s lifestyle and expectations in mind to make the scientific evidence more valuable, accessible and understandable.
Every idea matters.
Be curious, ask for help, and demonstrate an ability to grow. Own and learn from mistakes. Bring optimism to work.
Thoughtfully disagree.
Listen and be motivated by a genuine fear of missing important perspectives.
Champion the mission.
Prioritise work that advances the mission. Take intelligent risks, demand excellence and strive to be the best in the world.
Make every day count.
Create the future with resilience, urgency and humanity. Be kind, humble, strong and embrace the adventure.
Look for opportunities