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Virtus Health and Drop Bio to join forces to improve IVF success rates.
Virtus Health and Drop Bio to join forces to improve IVF success rates.

With a common vision to create a supportive and informed patient experience, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with Virtus Health to use personalised inflammatory biomarker analysis to improve IVF success rates.

We will join Virtus Health, a global leader in Assisted Reproductive Services (ARS) in a strategic partnership to drive further advancements to delivering precision fertility.

The partnership will advance Virtus’s Precision Fertility strategy via harnessing Virtus’ clinical experience and data in infertility and the insights from Drop Bio’s leading edge SCIP biomarker technology platform. Together, we aim to track and explain the critical role that chronic inflammation plays in the success of ARS.

Phil Hayes-St Clair, Co-Founder and CEO at Drop Bio explains: “Drop is thrilled to partner with the Virtus Health team. We are pioneering a convenient, effective and personalised approach to help people understand their underlying inflammatory health.

“While our two companies’ technologies are highly complementary, we also share a common objective. Creating a patient experience that is second to none. One that helps more people have more informed, healthy and successful pregnancies,” said Phil Hayes-St Clair.

Kate Munnings, Virtus Health Group CEO said: “At Virtus, we have already demonstrated our commitment to clinical and scientific innovation via partnering.

“We have developed the embryo selection AI capability, IVY and we believe that our collaboration with Drop Bio will continue to position us to create value from our unique and extensive data set. Our overarching goal is to improve ARS outcomes via our capability to deliver on our Precision Fertility strategy,” said Kate Munnings.

This is a significant and exciting step in our journey at Drop, getting us one step closer to truly helping more people on their personal health and fertility journeys.

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For more information, contact

Phil Hayes-St Clair | p@dropbio.com

Angela Read | angela.read@virtushealth.com.au

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