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Drop Bio Health Appoints Malcolm Edgar as CTO
Drop Bio Health Appoints Malcolm Edgar as CTO

Drop Bio Health is very excited to welcome Malcolm Edgar to the role of Chief Technology Officer.

Malcolm brings extensive experience to the role following a distinguished career in financial services, defence and telecommunications. 

He was the CTO at Australia’s largest privately-owned FinTech company, Avoka Technologies, which was acquired by Temenos AG. Malcolm was also a Vice President of the Apache Foundation founding an open source project. Other highlights include being awarded an encryption methods patent.

Malcolm also has experience advising  start-ups and developed a keen interest in helping new companies to develop, promote and sell technology in a competitive market. 

Now he’s delighted to embrace a new phase of his career, allowing him to focus on technology which helps make healthcare and medicine more accessible.

Learning curve

Malcolm studied environmental science at Murdoch University in Western Australia before moving to software engineering. He cut his teeth in defence and telecommunications before working at  Avoka Technologies as CTO. He describes this as a career highlight, growing a world leading Fintech company with its founders.

Recently, Malcolm was introduced to Drop Bio Health CEO, Phil Hayes St Clair and drawn to the company’s mission, he jumped at the chance to become the inaugural  CTO. 

“I love the whole concept of preventive medicine, alerting people to issues before they become problems," he says.

"It’s fascinating how we can use anonymised biomarker information research to develop early warnings about potential health issues. Giving people quantifiable information about health, and actionable insights, is a real motivation to look after yourself.”

“As soon as I met Malcolm, I knew he would be an excellent and safe pair of hands to lead our technology and engineering capability. I’m excited to learn and work with Malcolm, we have a huge and exciting opportunity to capture”, said Phil Hayes-St Clair.  

Embracing change

Focused on architecture, data privacy and engineering best practices, Malcolm is dedicated to creating a great environment in which the software engineering team thrives and grows, and helps support the marketing, science and products teams to service members and clinicians. 

“Drop Bio Health is a young company, with innovation at its heart. It’s critical for us to adopt cutting edge technology, as it becomes available, using it to create evolving models for the future," he says.

The longitudinal data we collect can potentially inform the development of new drugs. By harnessing the right technology, we can make enormous leaps in the field.”

New Horizon, New Opportunities

Having come through the global pandemic, and reached a certain age, Malcolm’s priorities shifted. 

“I got to a point where I wanted to focus on my health and family, and take a more holistic approach to life. I want to enjoy the next two decades in really good health," he  says. 

“Drop Bio Health is a gateway to new medical-based research which informs the way people live their lives. It’s personalised medicine, accessible to a wide range of people. No other company is offering the same chance for people to track their biomarkers, build a rounded health profile, and make informed lifestyle choices to support their wellbeing.”

“It’s hugely exciting. Drop Bio Health is playing a critical role in the democratisation of medical services. At a time when doctors are in short supply, and telehealth is growing, we are empowering people to take charge of their own health. And more engagement means better outcomes.”


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