We re-imagined the annual

We've re-imagined the annual health check and made it better

health check and made it better
We’ll help you build experiences that make wellbeing a key part of your employee value proposition.
Insight you can act on at every stage of life
A first-class and cost effective at-home experience that combines lifestyle habits and blood biomarkers to create a highly personalised approach to long term wellbeing.
Built on a trust-first foundation
We understand trust issues facing employers. Our arm’s length privacy controls and data management mean employees own their data and employers see important de-identified trends.
For the C-Suite. And everyone else.
Say goodbye to expensive, multi-day health checks. Our technology and employee-centric approach drives savings to help keep people healthy at home and at work.

We can power your at-home preventative health experience for team members

From logistics to analysis, recommendations and tracking, our API-connected healthcare infrastructure can add simplicity and impact to wellness initiatives. Enhance employee acquisition and retention. Scale as your needs grow.
Health challenges
Thematic reporting
Custom branding
GP escalation
80% of you employees have lower stress blood scores, reflecting poor state of physical health relating to stress biomarkers.

25% of your employees indicated they sit for more than 8 hours per day.

1 in 4 employees indicated that work was a contributing stress factor in their lives.
Thematic trends and

Thematic trends and insights you can act on

insights you can act on
We de-identify employee information and report on trends to shine a light on health topics that are relevant to employees, the most (and least) popular lifestyle interventions being used and how participation in health challenges and on-demand webinars is influencing your people’s wellbeing.

Whether you have five or 50,000 employees, we’ve got your back.