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Congratulations and a Fond Farewell Darren Saunders
Congratulations and a Fond Farewell Darren Saunders

Today we offer Dr Saunders a huge congratulations as he commences his appointment as the New South Wales Deputy Chief Scientist and Engineer.

We have a proud history of attracting the world’s brightest minds in science and medicine to work with us at Drop Bio Health. A great example is Darren Saunders PhD, a biomolecular scientist and seasoned scientific communicator.

Dr Sauders has made an incredible contribution to our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to personalised, preventative health as one of our Scientific Advisors. He has advanced our scientific programs and helped craft how we communicate and engage with a wide range of people, always bringing his extensive knowledge, passion and good humour to benefit the Drop Bio Health community.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with Darren. He is a friend and colleague always willing to go the extra mile to ensure science is well understood. I cannot think of a better next play for Darren. His approach to science (and engineering) and in particular scientific communication is now going to benefit the people of New South Wales and beyond, said Phil Hayes-St Clair, CEO & Co-Founder at Drop Bio Health.

We wish you every success Dr Saunders!

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