Collect and combine critical data to accelerate your research

We’ll help you deliver high-precision insight from longitudinal, context-rich lifestyle and blood sample data collected at-home.
For Clinical Trials
Use Drop Bio Health’s biomarker platform to collect context-rich lifestyle data combined with proteomic data to understand the effects of interventions on disease risk and progression
For Academic Research
Generate robust data from small cohorts or establish longitudinal investigations that securely collect lifestyle data (using validated digital surveys) and combine with blood biomarkers that helps to put your findings into context.
For Product Development
Profile people participating in product developments using our biomarker analysis platform for a holistic, longitudinal molecular understanding of changes in health. Reach a broader population with our Home Blood Sample Collection capabilities.
Timely. Affordable.
Reliable. Local.
From logistics to biobanking, analysis and bioinformatics, our healthcare infrastructure can add simplicity and impact to clinical trials and research. Reach new populations, accelerate recruitment and maintain participant participation. Scale as your needs grow.

Powering your projects in three ways:

Send samples to us or remote sample collection

Use our Home Blood Sample Collection Kit (Registered Medical Device ARTG ID:371291) to conveniently reach more participants and collect samples remotely without the need for a trained phlebotomist or send us samples

High Precision Proteomic Analysis
Use custom or pre-configured Luminex multiplex assays for absolute abundance quantification by immunoassay that has been accredited by Australian Laboratory Accreditation Body (ALAB, Accreditation criteria ISO/IEC 17025)
Analysis and Reporting

We provide data in absolute concentration units for easy analytical work and bioinformatics support is available for project planning and data analysis. Receive a quality report of the sample analysis and data.