Powering the future of at-home healthcare

Powering the future of at-home healthcare

Our proprietary Remote Control technology empowers researchers and organisations to expand their reach across remote and at-home healthcare.
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Expanding the future of at-home testing with Remote Control

Learn how our blood testing capability can unlock new opportunities for your business.

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Supporting your research needs
Drop Bio Health facilitates scientific discovery with high precision, flexible and cost-effective analytical services with particular expertise in decentralised clinical trials and academic research commercialisation.
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Diversify trial participation, with at-home sampling.

Scientific research is increasingly costly, lacks participant diversity and has recruitment and adherence challenges. By enabling people to participate in research projects remotely, Drop Bio Health can improve access to research, broadening participant diversity, minimising patient burden and reducing the overall cost of research projects.
Helping organisations like yours:
The research to come out of UNSW’s partnership with Drop Bio Health will transform the field of inflammation, personalised and preventative health - improving the quality of life for people across Australia and around the world.
Professor Marc Wilkins
Deputy Dean (Research and Enterprise) UNSW Science
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